To stay up to date and provide value to the market, update your skills with the latest and most sought-after technologies, tools and trends. Be a key part of the organisation facing the challenges of digital transformation
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How can I become one of the most valuable professionals on the market?

More than just keeping up to date, you need to keep up with market trends and, according to your current experience, evolve towards the most sought-after skills, skills that create value for companies and your career.”

Courses & bootcamps that boost your career

We have solutions customised to your needs and objectives in different training modes that allow you to UpSkill or ReSkill your skills.

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Learning modules on emerging and regularly updated technologies to keep up with rapid changes in the sector. 


Practical application of knowledge acquired through projects, laboratories and simulations applicable to their functions. 


Online, face-to-face or hybrid learning options, as well as the ability to personalise learning



Pedro Lourenço

"There are multiple categories and options for learning new skills, updating old ones or trying new challenges." 

Ricardo Resende

"I found new methodologies for developing my projects in training courses that were very much geared towards what I wanted."

Débora Rodrigues

"The immersive Bootcamps were the quickest way for me to upskill my knowledge." 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the New Anderthal Academy HIT Programme for IT professionals?

The HIT Programme is an intensive postgraduate course designed for IT professionals who want to improve their skills in specific areas. It is designed for Front-End, Back-End, Full-Stack, Architecture and Cloud Development professionals. It offers an academic degree and is highly focused on the technical component.

What are the prerequisites for joining the HIT Programme?

The prerequisites vary according to the specialisation, but generally include relevant work experience and basic knowledge in the chosen area. Check the specific requirements for each specialisation on the corresponding page.

What benefits can I get from completing the HIT Programme?

On completing the HIT Programme, IT professionals can expect specialisation in their chosen field, increased options in the market and the possibility of taking on leadership roles in their organisations.

What is the typical duration of the HIT Programme?

The duration varies according to the specialisation chosen, but it is generally an intensive programme of between 320 and 460 hours, combining theoretical and practical projects.

What are the Courses and Bootcamps offered by New Anderthal Academy?

These are training programmes focused on improving technological skills and/or certifications in emerging technologies. They are designed for IT professionals who want to update their skills in specific areas.

What emerging technologies are covered in the Courses and Bootcamps? 

We offer courses in emerging technologies such as Low-code, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, ITIL and others. Check our course catalogue for specific details.

Do New Anderthal Academy courses and bootcamps provide recognised certifications?

Yes, many of our courses include industry-recognised certifications, which can be a valuable asset in your career.

What is the typical duration of Courses and Bootcamps?

The duration varies according to the course, but many of our courses are designed to be completed over a period of weeks to a few months.

How can I enrol in the HIT programme or course at New Anderthal Academy?

You can enrol online via our website. Follow the instructions provided for the desired programme or course.

Is technical support available to trainees during the HIT course/programme?

Yes, we provide technical support throughout the course and the HIT programme. Our team is ready to help with technical queries as well as questions relating to the course/programme content.